letter of credit types

Types of Letter of Credit (LC)

A letter of credit is an important financial tool in trade transactions. Trades use the LC to facilitate payments and transactions in both domestic… Read Article
letter of credit

Letter of Credit

A letter of credit (LC) is a financial document that facilitates international and domestic trade. It substitutes the bank credit for the credit of… Read Article

Issue of Company Debentures

Company debenture is one of the important sources of finance for large companies, in addition to equity stocks, bank loans, and bonds. Companies need… Read Article
Lease Finance vs Term Loan

Lease Finance vs. Term Loan

A lease is defined as a contract under which one party, i.e., the owner of the asset, hereby called The LESSOR, provides the asset… Read Article
Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is one of the most commonly used modes of financing for acquiring various assets. It aids by spreading the huge cost of… Read Article