Leading and Lagging

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Importance of Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis: MeaningRatio Analysis is a method to understand the liquidity position, efficiency of operations, profitability position, and solvency of a business organization. It… Read Article

Prime Cost Calculator

Prime CostThe sum total of all costs that are direct in nature is termed as prime cost. The prime cost calculator is an online… Read Article

Gross Profit Calculator

Gross ProfitGP or Gross Profit is the excess of sales over cost of goods sold. Cost of goods sold means the cost incurred by… Read Article

Net Book Value Calculator

Net Book ValueIt refers to the value at which the books of the company report an asset. The net book value calculator calculates the… Read Article

Dividend Coverage Ratio Calculator

Dividend Coverage RatioThis ratio calculates the dividend potential of the company. A company pays its shareholders dividends only when it makes a profit. This… Read Article