Operating Cycle Calculator

Operating CycleThe operating cycle calculator calculates the period for the working capital requirement during which cash is converted back into cash. This process of… Read Article

Profitability Index Calculator

Profitability IndexProfitability Index Calculator is developed for efficient calculation of profitability index in order to analyze different capital investments opportunities. PI is a capital… Read Article

Reverse Dumping

What do we mean by Reverse Dumping?Reverse dumping is the dumping of goods in a reverse manner- dumping or selling the goods at extremely… Read Article

Importance of GAAP

GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) are a set of rules and guidelines that tell a company how to prepare financial statements. All companies, whether… Read Article

Persistent Dumping

What do we mean by Persistent dumping?Persistent dumping is the most permanent form of cross-border dumping. And this strategy lasts for a long term,… Read Article

PVIFA Calculator

Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity (PVIFA)The PVIFA Calculator is a tool to quickly calculate the current value of the cash flows from an… Read Article

Market Risk Premium Calculator

Market Risk PremiumThe Market risk premium Calculator helps you calculate the market risk premium effortlessly by simply inserting needed values. It is the additional… Read Article