Beta Calculator

Beta It is also termed as a beta coefficient. It is a measurer of the risk of a stock or portfolio in comparison to… Read Article

Takt Time Calculator

Takt Time The takt time determines the efficiency of the company in meeting its demand. It is the rate at which a company should… Read Article

Altman Z-Score Calculator

Altman Z-Score Z-score is a statistical tool for foreseeing the chances of a company about to get bankrupt. It represents the creditworthiness of a… Read Article

Safety Stock Calculator

Safety Stock Safety stock is the additional units of stock kept over and above the average level of stock. Companies maintain such stock to… Read Article

Quick Ratio Calculator

Quick Ratio A quick ratio, commonly known as acid test ratio, is a financial indicator to define the solvency of company in short run.… Read Article

FVIF Calculator

Future Value Interest Factor (FVIF) FVIF calculator is an online aid for quickly calculating the future value of return on the amount invested today.… Read Article