Reverse Merger Process

What is a Reverse Merger? A reverse merger process is carried out to merge a thriving and potentially scalable private company with a dormant… Read Article

Spin off

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Definition Of Liquidation Liquidation occurs when a company is insolvent and unable to pay its overdues. The operations of the company are closed and… Read Article

Management Buyout

Meaning Of Management Buyout Management buyout (MBO) is an act of a company’s management purchasing the operations and assets of the business. This concept… Read Article

Financial Engineering

Meaning Of Financial Engineering Financial engineering involves utilization of mathematical techniques in solving financial problems. This process uses tools and knowledge from the fields… Read Article

Business Process Reengineering

Meaning Of Business Process Reengineering Business Process Reengineering (BPR) refers to an attempt to improvise the operation of the business on a broad scale.… Read Article


Definition of Franchising Franchising is the arrangement between two parties where the first party (the franchiser) grants the second party (the franchisee) the right… Read Article


Meaning Of Divestitures A partial or full disposal of a business entity through exchange, closure, sale or bankruptcy is termed as divestiture. A divestiture… Read Article

Due Diligence

Meaning Due diligence is an audit or investigation, which a company of the potential product or investment conducts. It reviews all financial records. It… Read Article

Strategic Alliance

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Joint Venture

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