Advantages and Disadvantages of Fund Flow Statement

There are various Advantages and Disadvantages of Fund Flow Statement. One should consider them before forming any view of the sources and uses of funds. 

Fund Flow Statement in Brief

A balance sheet states the position of the company as on a particular date whereas a fund flow statement is a statement reflects the inflow and outflow of funds over two balance sheet dates. Since fund flow is a statement which shows the flow of funds over two periods, it is also called a statement of changes in financial position. It shows the sources and application of funds of a particular company. This statement simply shows the increase in working capital or a decrease in the working capital of the company.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Funds Flow Statement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fund Flow Statement

A detailed analysis of the fund flow statement can provide substantial insight into a company given the benefits one can draw from it. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of the statement.

Advantages of Fund Flow Statement

Shows Changes in The Financial Position of the Company

Fund flow statement portrays the movement of the funds and changes in the financial position of the company between two accounting periods, which the balance sheet or the profit and loss statement fail to provide.

Reason for Changes in the Financial Position between Two Accounting Periods

Funds flow statement helps in analyzing the reasons for changes in the financial position of the company. It helps the analyst to understand if the increase in funds is due to the sale of assets or improvement in company performance. It also does help to answer questions like why is the firm making loss despite being financially sound and vice versa.

Level of Working Capital Adequacy

This statement shows the working capital position of the company. This statement helps to test if working capital has been effectively used or not. It helps to understand if short-term sources of funds are used to build long term assets and vice versa. Overall it aids better working capital management for the firm.

Future Business and Budget Projections

Projected fund flow statements can be used for putting up necessary controls and budgetary allocations. Projected statements aid in deciding future financial policies like credit period, inventory requirement, etc. for the company.

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A well-managed working capital firm earns high respect among shareholders and increases credit-worthiness among creditors. An effectively managed fund flow activity of the firm can help the company to build a good reputation for itself with respect to its efficiency and creditworthiness.

Disadvantages of Fund Flow Statement

Although the fund flow statement is very important and has a lot of advantages, there are some limitations also. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Lacks Originality

Fund Flow statement is said to lack originality because this statement is merely a systematic rearrangement of items in financial statements over two accounting periods. It is because of this reason that many companies avoid the preparation of fund flow statement.

Based on Historical Data

This statement only shows how the company has performed in the previous year and does not give much clarity of the current and future costs of the company. Hence, it does not reveal the realistic comparison of the profit position of the company. Also, the projected fund flow statement is also not very accurate.

Goes Hand In Hand with Cash Flow Statement

Fund flow statement does not give the cash position of the company. It does not even classify the financing and investing activities of the company. Hence, most of the times, a fund flow statement is prepared by a company along with the cash flow statement to get an idea about the liquidity position of the company.

Cannot be Used on Standalone Basis

Since this statement only gives an idea of changes in working capital of the company, it cannot be used standalone, without a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Hence, a fund flow statement can, in no way, substitute financial statements.


A fund flow statement takes into consideration two particular time periods for the purpose of analysis of working capital. Hence, it cannot depict continuous changes. Also, it does not take into consideration noncash items in the company which, in actual accounting, play an important role in many companies.1,2

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