Tobin’s Q

Tobin’s Q / Q Ratio

Tobin’s Q ratio is a popular replacement value method of estimating a stock’s fair value and can be practically used by market participants to… Read Article
portfolio management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the key skill that one requires for managing investment effectively. Irrespective of whether they are an individual or HNI (High Net Worth… Read Article
Future and Present Value

Present and Future Value

The value of money can be expressed as the present value (discounted) or future value (compounded). These both are the concepts of the time… Read Article
Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

Meaning of Time Value of Money The term ‘Time Value of Money (TVM)’ implies that there is a connection between ‘time’ and ‘value of… Read Article
Equity Valuation Methods

Equity Valuation Methods

Equity valuation methods can be broadly classified into balance sheet methods, discounted cash flow methods, and relative valuation methods. Balance sheet methods comprise book… Read Article