Advantages of Trade Credit

There are various advantages of trade credit making it a favorite source working capital for all levels for buyers and promotional tool for suppliers. Most important benefit is that it has no explicit cost. Advantages of trade credit also include its effortless acquisition and easily maintainable. There are no legal instruments required to be signed which make it all the more flexible source of working capital finance.



Low-Cost Finance

Trade Credit is considered as the cheapest form of working capital finance. All other sources of working capital finance such as bank overdraft, cash credit, etc have interest cost attached to it Practically, there is no interest cost attached to trade credit provided the dues are paid within the credit period provided by the supplier/ creditor. (refer: Cost of Trade Credit)

Discounts on Early Payments

It is not only the free source of finance but also gets a discount if paid before a certain period of time. Credit terms say “2/10 net 30”. If paid on the 10th day, the buyer will get a discount on the bill as well as the free credit period of 10 days.

Advantages of Trade CreditHassle Free Sanction

Most important characteristic of trade credit is that it is effortlessly available to the business and therefore it is widely utilized by the managers. The purchase is an essential function of any business and trade credit is processed while executing the function of purchase. Per say, there is not a special process to obtain this credit. All we have to do is to make payment little later.

Easily Maintainable

Accounting is an integral part of any business and managing trade credit does not require too many additional efforts apart from normal accounting and administering the time of payment which anyhow a business will do.

Since there is no formal negotiable instrument being executed, trade credit is free from any legal repercussions. Also, since the banks are not involved anywhere, there is no fear of account going NPA – Non-Performing Asset.


Improved Sales

In a competitive market, trade credit from the point of view of supplier act as a promotion. Liberal the terms of trade credit, higher will be the sales. There is a direct correlation between the terms of credit and the sales generated by the supplier.

Liberal trade credit policy is one of the tools to penetrate the market.

Improved Margins

It is quite obvious that the credit allowed by the supplier is not a donation given to the buyer. The cost of extending credit is compensated by the higher prices charged by the supplier. It is a win-win situation for the buyer as well as the seller. Buyer, on the other hand, is also happy paying a little extra in the absence of cash availability with him. Almost, no businesses run completely on cash.

Before forming any decision, it will be wise to look at the disadvantages of trade credit.

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