Dividend Coverage Ratio

Dividend Coverage Ratio

What is Dividend Coverage Ratio?The dividend coverage ratio (DCR) essentially calculates the capacity of the firm to pay a dividend. Generally, the calculation of… Read Article
Coverage Ratio and its types

Coverage Ratio and its Types

A coverage ratio is a type of financial ratio. It indicates the ability of a firm to pay off outsiders’ obligations. Normally, a ratio… Read Article
Interest Service Coverage Ratio (Times Interest Earned Ratio)

Interest Service Coverage Ratio

What is Interest Service Coverage Ratio?Interest Service Coverage Ratio (ISCR) essentially calculates the capacity of a borrower to repay the interest on borrowings. One… Read Article
Debt Equity Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

What is Debt to Equity Ratio?Debt to equity ratio is a capital structure ratio that evaluates the long-term financial stability of a business using… Read Article
Profitability Ratios Chart

Profitability Ratios

What are Profitability Ratios? Profitability ratios are the financial ratios that talk about the profitability of a business concerning its sales or investments. Since… Read Article