Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio

Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio

The fixed charge coverage ratio is the most meaningful ratio out of all the coverage ratios from a general point of view. It is… Read Article
Dividend Coverage Ratio

Dividend Coverage Ratio

What is Dividend Coverage Ratio?The dividend coverage ratio (DCR) essentially calculates the capacity of the firm to pay a dividend. Generally, the calculation of… Read Article
Coverage Ratio and its types

Coverage Ratio and its Types

A coverage ratio is a type of financial ratio. It indicates the ability of a firm to pay off outsiders’ obligations. Normally, a ratio… Read Article
Interest Service Coverage Ratio (Times Interest Earned Ratio)

Interest Service Coverage Ratio

What is Interest Service Coverage Ratio?Interest Service Coverage Ratio (ISCR) essentially calculates the capacity of a borrower to repay the interest on borrowings. One… Read Article
Debt Equity Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

What is Debt to Equity Ratio?Debt to equity ratio is a capital structure ratio that evaluates the long-term financial stability of a business using… Read Article
Profitability Ratios Chart

Profitability Ratios

What are Profitability Ratios? Profitability ratios are the financial ratios that talk about the profitability of a business concerning its sales or investments. Since… Read Article