Operating Margin Ratio

What is Operating Margin Ratio?

Operating margin ratio is the ratio of operating income to the revenue of the business. It highlights the operating income of the business as a percentage of the revenue. To put in simple words, the operating margin ratio tells the contribution of company’s operations towards the profitability.

The operating profit is the profit of the company after paying the different variable costs of production like raw material purchase, wages, labor cost, etc. The operating ratio displays the efficiency of an organization in controlling its cost. One time transactions or unique costs do not form part of operating margin ratio. This ratio is also termed as return on sales ratio.

Before understanding the formula, it is important to know the significance of operating margin ratio.

Significance of Operating Margin Ratio

  • A company with higher operating margin ratio is financially sound. It can easily pay its fixed costs and interest on the debt.
  • A company with good operating ratio can successfully survive during the economic crisis.
  • Only a company with higher operating margin ratio can successfully compete with the competitors by lowering the price of products to such level that competitors will not be able to survive.

Operating Margin RatioLet us now have a look at the formula

Operating Margin Ratio Formula

Operating profit margin = Operating income ÷ Total revenue

Or, Operating profit margin = EBIT ÷ Total revenue

Let us understand the above formula with the help of an example.

Example of Operating Margin Ratio

Suppose the sale of ABC Ltd. is $ 2,000,000. The operating cost is $ 330,000 and the cost of goods sold is $ 750,000. Calculate the operating margin ratio.

Operating margin ratio = 2,000,000 – 330,000 – 750,000 / 2,000,000 = 46%

From the above calculation, it can be concluded that company earns $ 0.46 before taxes and interest for every dollar of its sales value. Higher operating margin ratio is beneficial for an organization. It signifies that more proportion of the revenue of the company is converted into operating income.


Operating margin ratio is an important indicator of the financial health of the company. Comparison of this ratio with the peer companies helps in evaluating the performance of a company within the same industry. The ratio reflects how well the business model of the company is functioning in comparison to its competitors. The investors are also keen in knowing this ratio. It tells the investors about the efficiency and whether the investment can be made in such company or not.1,23

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