Interest Rates

Types of Interest Rates

Interest Rates: MeaningThe Rate at which the investors receive their returns on investment or the rate at which borrowers are to pay for their… Read Article
Effective Annual Rate

Effective Annual Rate (EAR)

Effective Annual RateAn effective annual rate is a return earned or paid on the investment, loan, or other financial product over time. EAR’s other… Read Article
Discounted Cash Flow

Discounted cash flow

Meaning of Discounted Cash FlowDiscounted cash flow analysis uses forecasted cash flows of a company to discount them to its present value. It makes… Read Article
Annuity Formula

Annuity Formula

Annuity formula as a standalone term could be vague or ambiguous. It can be either ‘present value annuity formula‘ or ‘future value annuity formula.’… Read Article