Days Inventory Outstanding

Days Inventory Outstanding

What is Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO)?Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) is a financial metric used to measure the efficiency of a company’s inventory management. It… Read Article
Days of Working Capital

Days Working Capital (DWC)

What is Days Working Capital (DWC)?Days working capital is a very important performance indicator of efficient working capital management. The lower the working capital… Read Article

Efficiency Ratios

Efficiency Ratios are a measure of how well a company is managing its routine affairs. Conceptually, these ratios analyze how well a company utilizes… Read Article
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Days Sales Outstanding

What is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)?Days sales outstanding is a financial ratio that helps calculate the number of days the accounts receivables remain outstanding.… Read Article
Turnover Ratios

Turnover Ratios

The turnover ratios are used to check the company’s efficiency and how it uses its assets to earn revenue. The sales figure is compared… Read Article