Working capital Turnover

Working Capital Turnover Ratio

Meaning of Working Capital TurnoverWorking capital turnover measures the revenue generated from every investment made in the form of working capital. The working capital… Read Article
DUPont Analysis

DuPont Analysis

DuPont Analysis is an approach that breaks the Return on Equity (ROE) into a more detailed expression, thereby overcoming the shortcomings or loopholes of… Read Article
Asset Turnover Ratio

Asset Turnover Ratio (ATR)

Asset Turnover Ratio can be defined as the value of sales generated for every rupee invested in assets for a given financial year. It… Read Article
Inventory - Stock Turnover Ratio

Inventory / Stock Turnover Ratio

The inventory/stock turnover ratio is an important financial ratio to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s inventory management. This ratio indicates how… Read Article