checking account vs savings account

Checking Account vs Savings Account

Checking Account vs Savings Account: MeaningA bank is a financial institution that offers deposit and withdrawal facilities, loans and advances, as well as investment… Read Article
Standalone Risk

Standalone Risk

Standalone Risk: MeaningWe can define “standalone risk” as the risk that an investor faces when he holds only one single asset as an investment.… Read Article
Long-Term Investment Example

Long-Term Investment Examples

What are Long-Term Investments?Long-term investments are those investments that a company or individual makes to hold for a longer period, usually 3-5-7 years, etc.… Read Article
Portfolio Management Theories

Portfolio Management Theories

What do we mean by Portfolio Management Theories?A portfolio is a mix of a number of financial assets and investments. It may include stocks,… Read Article
Can Covariance be Negative

Can Covariance be Negative?

Covariance is a statistical tool for measuring the relationship between two random variables. It essentially indicates the direction between the two variables. It is… Read Article
capital market line

Capital Market Line

What is Capital Market Line?Capital Market Line graphically represents all portfolios with an optimal combination of risk and return. They are the best-performing portfolios.… Read Article