Baloon Payment

Balloon Payment

Definition of Balloon PaymentA balloon payment is defined as a significantly large amount of payment made at the end of the loan tenure. Most… Read Article
Bullet Loans

Bullet Loan

A bullet loan is a short-term financing option, with a single lump-sum payment at the end of the loan’s maturity term. Therefore, it is… Read Article
Syndicated Loans

Syndicated Loan

Syndicated Loan – MeaningA syndicated loan is an essential source of debt financing for corporate. It is availed from a group of lenders. Lenders… Read Article
Haircut in Finance

Haircut in Finance

A haircut in the financial world is not pleasant but rather painful. It is basically the difference between the market value of the asset… Read Article


What is Rehypothecation?Rehypothecation, most simply put, occurs when your assets are pledged with the “creditor of your creditor.” It is not as complex as… Read Article

Types of Term Loans

What are Term Loans?If you need funds, be it for starting a new business, expanding your current business, or managing daily business expenses, you… Read Article
Overdraft vs Loan

Overdraft Vs. Loan

Loans and Overdrafts are two basic products offered by banks and financial institutions to fund a company’s capital needs, but both are very different… Read Article