Capital Lease Obligation

What is a Capital Lease Obligation?A capital lease obligation is the amount of hire charges or rent owed by the lessee to the lessor… Read Article
Combination Lease

Combination Lease

What is the Combination Lease?A combination lease offers features of both financings (or capital lease) and Operating Lease. It is a customizable form of… Read Article

Equipment Leasing Companies

Before understanding equipment leasing companies, let us briefly understand the term ‘Lease.’What is Lease?The term ‘Lease’ refers to a contractual agreement between two parties,… Read Article
Capital lease

Capital Lease Criteria

In a capital lease, a lessor only finances the asset, but the ownership rights reside with the lessee. And therefore, another term for a… Read Article


A sublease is a rental agreement where the original lessee(tenant) rents out the premises to another person. Such a person is the sub-tenant or… Read Article
Modified Gross Lease

Modified Gross Lease

Modified Gross LeaseA modified gross lease is a type of lease, also referred to as a modified net lease. It stands somewhere between a… Read Article