Sublet vs Sublease

Sublet vs Sublease

Sublet and Sublease are terms that we generally come across in rental or lease agreements. The two terms are often interchangeable; in reality, the… Read Article
graduated lease

Graduated Lease

Generally speaking, when we talk about lease payments, this means a fixed amount as a lease rate. However, in the Graduated Lease, the payment… Read Article
Lease Improvement GAAP

Leasehold Improvement GAAP

A Leasehold Improvement is the changes made to a rental property in order to meet the needs of a tenant. There can be various… Read Article

Types of Equipment Leases

Equipment leases usually provide an alternative way for businesses that don’t have enough money to purchase necessary equipment. Businesses lease various equipment ranging from… Read Article

Lease Payment

What is Lease Payment?Lease payment is a certain sum of money that a person pays at regular intervals of time for a leasing agreement.… Read Article
Prepaid Lease

Prepaid Lease

Prepaid Lease is a type of leasing option available for tangible assets like property, plants, and equipment. The structure of this lease involves the… Read Article