Forward Interest Rate

What do we mean by a Forward Interest Rate?Forward interest rate is the interest rate that an investor can fix at the present day… Read Article

Spot Interest Rate

What do we Mean by the Spot Interest Rate?Spot interest rate is the yield to maturity on any zero-coupon bond with an “x” number… Read Article
Non-Deliverable Forward Contract

Non-deliverable forward (NDF)

A non-deliverable forward contract is a type of forward contract used to hedge foreign exchange risk. Some of the other foreign exchange risk hedging… Read Article
Forward vs Futures Market

Forwards vs Futures Differences

Forwards and Futures are a type of derivatives contract which derives their value from the performance of underlying assets. Both types of contracts allow… Read Article
Types of Exchange Rates

Types of Exchange Rates

What are Exchange Rates?“Exchange rates is an amount of the domestic currency you will have to pay to obtain a unit of a foreign… Read Article