Private Placement

An organization always remains in need of funds. This funding need is for various purposes, to run day-to-day operations, plan expansion and diversification, new… Read Article
Angel Investors

Angel Investors

Angel Investors are one of the easiest sources of financing for new startups. These can be known or unknown people to the entrepreneur, but… Read Article
Equity Financing

Equity Financing – When to Use it?

What is Equity Financing?Equity financing refers to raising capital by giving away some “ownership” of the company. The companies raise equity finance by selling… Read Article

Sources of Equity Financing

Every organization needs funds to function, and it does so by raising capital. When the capital is raised by the sale of shares of… Read Article
Venture Funding

Venture Funding

Venture Funding DefinitionVenture funding is a funding process in which the venture funding companies manage the funds of the investors who want to invest… Read Article