Debenture Examples

Debenture Example

Government-issued Debenture ExampleA Treasury bond or T-bond issued by the government would be a debenture example. These bonds help the government finance its projects… Read Article
Characteristics of Debentures

Characteristics of Debenture

Debentures are a popular method companies use to procure long-term finance for their financial needs. The funds raised through debentures represent the debts, and… Read Article
Interest on Debentures - Acccounting Entries

Interest on Debentures

Interest is an award that all debenture holders receive for investing in the debentures of a company. Usually, the company pays the interest at… Read Article
Rating Agencies

Rating Agency

A rating agency is an organization that specializes in assessing the financial strength of a company or government entity that uses the capital markets… Read Article
Long Term Finance

Long Term Finance

What is Long-Term Finance?The funds that are not paid back within less than a year are referred to as long-term finance. Certain long-term finance… Read Article
Bond vs. Debenture

Bond Vs. Debenture

Debenture and bond are often used as interchangeable terms. Bond is used as a broader term which may include the debentures. Let’s categorize bonds… Read Article
Debt Financing

Sources of Debt Financing

Meaning of Debt FinancingBusiness is in continuous need of funds for working capital needs or for incurring capital expenditures. In such scenarios, when the… Read Article
Mortgage Debentures

Mortgaged Debentures

Meaning of Mortgaged DebenturesMortgaged debentures are the types of debentures in which the company issues debentures to the applicants by keeping fixed assets as… Read Article
Convertible Debenture

Convertible Debentures

Meaning of Convertible DebenturesThese debentures can be termed debt security or loan. They can be converted into equity shares after a stipulated period. The… Read Article

Issue of Company Debentures

Company debenture is one of the important sources of finance for large companies, in addition to equity stocks, bank loans, and bonds. Companies need… Read Article