Long-Term Investment Example

Long-Term Investment Examples

What are Long-Term Investments?Long-term investments are those investments that a company or individual makes to hold for a longer period, usually 3-5-7 years, etc.… Read Article
Equity Verses Fixed Income

Equity vs Fixed Income

Equity vs Fixed Income has been a battle for the ages. Investors and companies alike have had to make decisions between the two for… Read Article
Hedge Fund Strategy

Hedge Fund Strategy

A Hedge Fund Strategy is a well-thought-out model to run an active hedge fund. Hedging means offsetting your part of the risk. In other… Read Article
Equity Investments

Types of Equity Investments

What are Equity Investments?Equity investments are nothing but buying the shares of companies. It refers to sharing ownership stakes in a company or business.… Read Article
Risk Return Trade off

Risk-Return Tradeoff

Risk-Return Tradeoff is the relationship between the risk of investing in a financial market instrument vis-à-vis the expected or potential return from the same.Risk-Return… Read Article