Risk Return Trade off

Risk-Return Tradeoff

Risk-Return Tradeoff is the relationship between the risk of investing in a financial market instrument vis-à-vis the expected or potential return from the same.Risk-Return… Read Article
Unlevered beta

Unlevered Beta

Unlevered Beta DefinitionIt is a risk measurement metric that compares the risk of a company without any debt to the risk of the market.… Read Article


Beta DefinitionBeta is a measure of volatility or risk of an investment in relation to the market. Also known as the beta coefficient (β),… Read Article
Systematic vs Unsystematic Risk

Systematic Vs Unsystematic Risks

Definition of Systematic RiskSystematic risk is also referred to as non-diversifiable risk or market risk. Systematic risk is the fluctuations in the returns on… Read Article
Credit Risk

Credit Risk

Credit risk is the risk of non-payment of a loan by the borrower. It is a type of Financial Risk. In other words, we… Read Article