What is Conversion Price?

Conversion Price

What is the Conversion Price?The conversion price informs the bondholders of the number of shares that would be issued in case they opt for… Read Article
Long Term Finance

Long Term Finance

What is Long-Term Finance?The funds that are not paid back within less than a year are referred to as long-term finance. Certain long-term finance… Read Article
Equity Financing

Equity Financing – When to Use it?

What is Equity Financing?Equity financing refers to raising capital by giving away some “ownership” of the company. The companies raise equity finance by selling… Read Article
Capital Stock

Capital Stock

Meaning of Capital StockThe capital stock is a component of a balance sheet that represents the sum of common and preferred stock that a… Read Article
Cumulative Preferred Stock

Cumulative Preferred Stock

A cumulative preferred stock is a type of preferred stock wherein the stockholders are entitled to receive cumulative dividends if any dividend payment has… Read Article

Sources of Equity Financing

Every organization needs funds to function, and it does so by raising capital. When the capital is raised by the sale of shares of… Read Article
Types Of Prefrence Shares

Types of Preference Shares

There are various types of Preferences Shares with differences in their structure. These are cumulative, non-cumulative, participating, non-participating, redeemable, irredeemable, convertible, non-convertible, callable, and… Read Article