Equity Research Firms

Equity Research Firms

Every equity analyst’s dream is to land on one of the best equity research firms. Working in such companies will give a good kick-start… Read Article
Equity Research Report

Equity Research Report

What is an Equity Research Report?An equity research report is a document prepared by an equity analyst. It is a form of communication between… Read Article
Equity Research Analysts

Equity Research Analyst

Who is an Equity Research Analyst?An equity research analyst is a professional who conducts equity research. His role is to analyze and study the… Read Article
Equity Research vs Credit Research

Equity Research Vs. Credit Research

This article explains the difference between Equity research Vs Credit research. They are two divisions of financial analysis. The main difference between them lies… Read Article
Equity Research Sell Side

Equity Research Sell-Side

Equity research sell-side is a common term used by many people in the financial services industry. You will wonder what does this means? Let… Read Article
Equity Research Buy Side

Equity Research Buy-Side

What is Equity Research Buy-Side?Equity research is a subject in financial analysis, which deals with analyzing the financial statements of a company or stock… Read Article
Equity Research

Equity Research

What is Equity Research?Equity research refers to an area of finance that involves analyzing equities (i.e., stocks) to determine whether they are a good… Read Article