Bond vs. Debenture

Bond Vs. Debenture

Debenture and bond are often used as interchangeable terms. Bond is used as a broader term which may include the debentures. Let’s categorize bonds… Read Article
Pecking order theory

Pecking Order Theory

Pecking order theory is a theory related to capital structure. Donaldson initially suggested it. In 1984, Myers and Majluf modified the theory and made… Read Article
Debt Financing

Sources of Debt Financing

Meaning of Debt FinancingBusiness is in continuous need of funds for working capital needs or for incurring capital expenditures. In such scenarios, when the… Read Article
Bonds - Features, Types and Bond Valuation

Bonds and their Types

A bond is a financial instrument whereby its issuer raises (borrows) capital or funds at a certain cost for a certain time period and… Read Article