Equity Kicker

Understanding Equity Kicker

Equity KickerAn Equity kicker is a summation of two words, equity, and kicker. Let us go word by word to understand the meaning of… Read Article
Debt vs Equity

Debt vs Equity

When a business seeks funds through investors, it considers two options: debt vs equity. Debt financing involves borrowing funds from investors by issuing corporate… Read Article
Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance / Fund

What is Mezzanine Finance / Fund?Let’s move away from finance for a minute. Why is mezzanine finance called “mezzanine” finance? A mezzanine is basically… Read Article
Capital Structure Analysis

Capital Structure Analysis

Need for Capital Structure AnalysisYou may have heard that the ultimate goal of any organization is to maximize the wealth of the shareholders by… Read Article
Pecking order theory

Pecking Order Theory

Pecking order theory is a theory related to capital structure. Donaldson initially suggested it. In 1984, Myers and Majluf modified the theory and made… Read Article