Net Present Value

Net Present Value (NPV)

Net present value or NPV is a very well-known technique for analysis in the arena of finance. Net present value is equal to the… Read Article
Internal Sources of Finance

Internal Sources of Finance

What are Internal Finance / Internal Sources of Finance?The term “internal finance” (or internal sources of finance) itself suggests the very nature of finance/capital.… Read Article
International Financial Markets

International Financial Markets

International financial markets consist of mainly international banking services and international money markets. The banking services include the services such as trade financing, foreign… Read Article
Types Of Foreign Exhchange Expousures

Types of Foreign Exchange (Currency) Exposure

Foreign exchange exposure is classified into three types, viz. translation, transaction, and economic exposure. Transaction exposure deals with actual foreign currency transactions. Translation exposure… Read Article
International and Domestic Finance

International vs. Domestic Finance

In international vs domestic finance, the term international finance is different from domestic finance in many aspects. And the first and the most significant… Read Article
Operating Leverage

Operating Leverage

Operating leverage is the term used to denote the presence of fixed costs in the operating cost structure of a firm. It is a… Read Article
Leverage and its types

Leverage and its Types

Leverage is a practice that can help a business drive up its gains/losses. In business language, if a firm has fixed expenses in the… Read Article
Net Profit Ratio - Margin

Net Profit Margin or Ratio

Net profit margin (NP Margin) is one of the profitability ratios and an important tool for financial analysis. It is the final output any… Read Article