Month over Month Calculator

Month-over-month growth is a metric to analyze performance on a monthly basis. It helps evaluate whether the company has made any growth or progress in a particular month compared to its previous month.

The formula for calculating month over month growth rate is as follows:

Month over Month Growth = {(Value of the month in comparison – Value of month previous than the month in comparison)/ Value of month previous than the month in comparison}*100

Month Over Month Calculator

This monthly growth is determined in terms of percentage as it is more feasible to analyze and understand the performance rather than one that is in absolute values.

How to Calculate using Calculator?

The month-over-month growth calculator is a handy online tool for quickly calculating the growth of a month in comparison to the previous month. The user has to provide the following details into it:

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  • Value of Month in Comparison

Enter the number of factors for which you want to calculate the growth. For example, if you want to analyze the change in sales returns, enter the amount of sales return of the period for which you want to evaluate the changes.

  • Value of Month Previous than Month in Comparison

This is the base for comparison as you will compare the growth with the previous period. Enter the value of the previous month. Assuming the same example, enter the figure for the sales return of the previous month.

Now, if the sales returns of the company would have decreased in the current month as compared to the previous month, the growth percentage will be negative and vice versa.

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Excel Calculator – Month over Month

You can also download our excel based calculator for month over month.

Excel Calculator For Month Over Month (107 downloads )

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