Why do Economists make Assumptions

Why do Economists Make Assumptions?

What are Assumptions, and Why do Economists Make Them?Assumptions are statements that we universally accept as a fact without questioning their validity. And we… Read Article
Thinking Like an Economist

Think like an Economist

“Think like an Economist” – Why? One should sometimes ” Think Like an Economist ” to understand and appreciate the various policies and regulations… Read Article
Sources of Public Debt

Sources of Public Debt

Meaning of Public Debt Public debt is the sum total of the borrowings of the Central/Federal government of a country. We also call it… Read Article
Circular-flow diagram model

Circular-Flow Diagram Model

Meaning of Circular-Flow Diagram Model A Circular-flow diagram model is an economic visual model of macroeconomics that represents the movement of goods, services, and… Read Article