Dividend Per Share Calculator

The dividend per share calculator is a simple calculator that accurately and readily calculates the metric.

Dividend per share (DPS) is an absolute figure that presents how much dividend a company has decided to pay to the shareholder for each share they hold.

The formula for calculating the dividend per share is:

Dividend Per Share = Total Dividend / No. of Common Shares Outstanding

Dividend Per Share Calculator

How to Calculate using Calculator?

For using the calculator for calculating DPS, one has to find out the following figures.

  • Total Dividend: It is the total dividend that the company has declared and decided to pay. This figure is available in the annual report of a company.
  • No. of Outstanding Shares: This is the number of shares outstanding as on the date of DPS calculation.

This metric is a very important tool for various purposes. The metric is useful in comparing 2 firms in the same business. Past year trends of the DPS speak a lot about the dividend policy of the company. Apart from this, there are various important models that use the dividend per share for arriving at the valuation of a company.

Excel Calculator – Dividend Per Share

You can also download our excel based calculator for dividend per share.

Excel Calculator for Dividend Per Share (124 downloads )

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