credit derivatives

Credit Derivatives

What are Credit Derivatives?Credit Derivatives (or CDs) are contracts where the underlying asset is a credit asset. The objective of such a contract is… Read Article

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

What is chapter 12 Bankruptcy?Chapter 12 bankruptcy is applicable to the farms and fisheries businesses. This means this bankruptcy assists the owners of farms… Read Article

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection is for financially distressed municipalities. This bankruptcy protection helps municipalities struggling financially to come up with a plan that is… Read Article

Forms of Businesses

Choosing the form of business is the most important decision that an entity has to make. What form of business an entity adopts would… Read Article
international money market

International Money Market

The money market is the market where organizations, governments, and financial institutions invest for a short period of time, and the duration of investments… Read Article