Quick Ratio

The quick ratio is a measure of the short-term solvency of a business. It is said to be an improved version of the current… Read Article

Net Working Capital

Net working capital is defined as the difference between the current assets and current liabilities of a business. It is that part of the… Read Article

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) essentially calculates the repayment capacity of a borrower. DSCR less than 1 suggests the inability of a firm’s… Read Article

Profit vs. Wealth Maximization

Profit maximization vs Wealth maximization is a very common but a very crucial dilemma. The financial management has come a long way by shifting… Read Article

Current Ratio

The current ratio is a vital liquidity ratio which measures the liquidity position of a company. It is useful not only to the internal… Read Article

Capital Structure and its Theories

Capital Structure means a combination of all long-term sources of finance. It includes Equity Share Capital, Reserves and Surplus, Preference Share capital, Loan, Debentures… Read Article