Profitability Ratios Chart

Profitability Ratios

What are Profitability Ratios?Profitability ratios are the financial ratios that talk about the profitability of a business concerning its sales or investments. Since these… Read Article
Finance or Capital Lease

Finance / Capital Lease

The capital lease is nothing but an alternative solution to borrowing. Also known as Finance Lease or Full Payout Lease, it is an agreement… Read Article
Net Working Capital

Net Working Capital

What is Net Working Capital?Net Working Capital (NWC) is a fundamental financial metric that plays a crucial role in evaluating a company’s short-term financial… Read Article
Profit Maximization vs Wealth management

Profit vs. Wealth Maximization

Profit maximization vs. Wealth maximization is a prevalent but very crucial dilemma. Financial management has come a long way by shifting its focus from… Read Article